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Garden Enclosure.  For the concert element of the event all the enclosures merge following the last race.  
Premier Enclosure – This enclosure offers the best views of the racing as the Finishing Post is within this enclosure as well as access to the Parade Ring, Pre Parade Ring and Winners’ Enclosure too.  The concert stage is also situated in the Premier Enclosure between Stands 2 and 3, facing towards the race track. There are a number of bars and restaurants in the Premier Enclosure, including the popular champagne bar.  Please note that during racing the track side viewing area is an alcohol free zone.  Premier Enclosure customers also have access to the Grandstand & Paddock Enclosure for a further range of facilities and amenities. 
Grandstand & Paddock Enclosure – This enclosure offers a fair view of the racing with access to the Parade Ring, Pre Parade Ring and Winners’ Enclosure too and does not have any restrictions on the areas that drinks can be consumed. Customers with this ticket cannot gain access into the Premier Enclosure facilities until after the racing has finished and before the music performance starts.
Garden Enclosure – This enclosure has restricted race viewing as it is positioned at the two furlong pole and has no access to the Parade Ring, Pre Parade Ring or Winners’ Enclosure.  Most of the racing can be seen on a large screen only. This enclosure is generally the first area to sell out and offers a playground for children as well as limited bars and food vendors as ticket holders usually bring a picnic. Customers with Garden Enclosure tickets cannot gain access into the Premier or Grandstand & Paddock Enclosures until after the racing has finished and before the music performance starts.
Please note: Once racing has finished the gates between the three enclosures are opened in a staggered manner with the majority of guests choosing to move to the Premier Enclosure area to stand and watch the concert in front of the stage.  This area is strictly standing only and not suitable for children as it can become very busy and lively.  Please note, following racing, this area no longer is an alcohol free zone but is a glass free zone.  If you prefer a more relaxed environment there is the option of standing in the Grandstand & Paddock Enclosure, or viewing from a large screen in the Garden Enclosure.

Children’s Policy
As Newmarket Nights are our Friday evening racing plus music events with the artist taking to the stage at any time from 8pm, our recommendation is that Newmarket Nights are not suitable for children under 16. Whilst we recommend that these events are not suitable for children under 16, if you do wish to bring them as part of your party, at your discretion, they can attend as long as they possess a valid ticket to gain entry and there is a responsible adult of 18 and above to every two children under 16. 
Our racing plus music afternoon events, Summer Saturday Live, are our family friendly events of this type which do have an allocation of concession tickets for children available. A set allocation of children’s tickets, for children of 5 to 15, will be available for our Summer Saturday Live events when purchasing adult tickets. Children/infants aged four and under are free of charge, so please ensure you apply for the free entry tickets for your infant/s at the time of booking your adult tickets. Your infant will be given an ICE (In Case of an Emergency) wristband that will have room for you to write your contact number on. This is their form of entry to the venue and entry will not be permitted without this. 
Unaccompanied young persons aged 16 or 17 years old will need to purchase a full adult ticket to gain entry and must conduct themselves in an appropriate manner. Each accompanying adult (over 18) should be responsible for no more than two children under 16 years of age.  All attendees regardless of age, must have a valid ticket and will be expected to show a valid form of identification if required.
We do not recommend subjecting babies and young children to loud music. Children are recommended to wear hearing protection if you decide to bring them. A concert environment is not suitable for very young children.